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Brandon S.
I Live in Playa Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles and was moving to a bigger apartment in the same building which didn't require a moving Truck but required professional movers who knew how to dismantle Modani furniture with excellent care, move it and put it together. At first I called Modani store to get their movers to help me. To my shock their fucking looser moving company quoted me a price of $600 to move 4 pieces of furnitures. On 23rd hour I found Adept movers and spoke to Daniel who set me up with Best most courteous, professional, knowledgable movers I have ever come across. Alex and Rustam (Ross) were just unbelievably amazing. In addition both guys were honest and trust worthy. Ross found a diamond ring laying around in one of the bedroom and gave it to me as soon as he found it. I enjoyed their help and their company very much. I would recommend these these guys and this company to every single person moving to Los Angeles or moving within Los Angeles. Best part - they helped me move everything for 1/3 the price the jerkoffs from Modani movers quoted me.
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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