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Heather S.
I've been using Adept Moving for 5 years (and I've moved many times in that time frame) - but my most recent experience with this company was absolutely exceptional which is why I feel inclined to write them an outstanding review. I was moving out of my favorite apartment in Venice (where I house ALL of my favorite things), so it was really important to me that the boxes and all of my belongings were handled gently and packed with great care. I only had 2 movers - but believe it or not, that's all I needed! Ilia and Vitalik showed up to the job on time (5 minutes early), and were courteous and professional every second of their stay. I had everything packed and ready to go (for the most part - I still needed quite a bit of help as I'm a single female and didn't exactly know what I was doing with many free standing items - including all the kitchen ware). Since I had nothing to do but stand around, I asked Ilia to show me how to properly wrap each kitchen item in newspaper to avoid any damage - and he helped without hesitation (and gave great instruction!). Who better to learn how to pack fragile items than from professional movers? While they loaded a million of my heavy boxes (and oversized furniture into the truck), I confidently packed up my fragile stemware (this gave me something to do AND saved me money). The job started at 9am - and we managed to pack, load, and secure each item to be delivered to my (praying to God that everything would fit) 10 X 10 Public Storage unit on time and effortlessly with the job finished by 6pm. If I could say one thing, it's that both Ilia and Vitalik are Tetris magicians. I honestly don't know how it was made possible to move THAT much stuff (with so many fragile items and odd shaped furniture) into a 10 X 10 space - perfectly. I give a standing ovation for both of these men and their diligent work - and a big thank you to the owner and manager (I think his name is Daniel) of this company for running such a smooth operation and hiring such caring, dependable men. Adept moving made moving (a usually tiring and exhausting task) an absolute pleasure. I'll hire them again and recommend to all my friends for many more years to come. Thank you again! See you soon! - heather :)
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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