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Meow C.
My wife and I had a pretty impossible move. I'm a packrat and had 9 years worth of junk that we had to move across town. There was just a canyon of boxes littering our old place and I felt my soul draining just thinking about moving. I wasn't sure what to expect but Andrey and Dima were life savers and incredible. They worked their assess off and got everything moved safely into our new place despite crazy building quirks (twisty stair case, an infinite number of stairs leaving and coming). No idle chit chat, almost no breaks, just relentless cheerful moving. Total pros. At one point i realized our cal king mattress wouldn't fit in the stairs of our new place. The guys lifted it over their heads and pulled it over a railing. This is super man level stuff. No complaints, just fast, diligent, conscientious work. Really nice guys too. I want to have a beer (our dozen with them after I recover). Adept, give these guys a raise!
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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