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Moon H.
Vitya, Vitalik and Maxim, You have done us a great flavor today by helping us move our two bedroom apartment to a 10'x 10' storage! Thanks so much!! *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* They arrived right as scheduled, and started counting the time from the minute we signed the contract. They are incredibly organized and methodical in their work--they first came up to our apt and checked the size of our room and our belongings; and then found the closest elevator and made sure the path was all clear and good to go. They wrapped up our furnitures with the material they brought and delivered with absolute care and attention. It's amazing how they organized all our stuff in a 10x10 room--(now you know how much weight your life carrys...)--sofa, bed mattress, shelves, boxes...all got placed nicely and carefully. In a word, my roommate and I are highly satisfied and will definitely ask them to help us again when we move to our new place!!
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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