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Robin A.
They say it is better late than never. And this is the situation my case. We moved from a upstairs two-bedroom apartment of many years to our first house 60 miles away from Inglewood to Rialto. After a lot of quotes from several companies, and reading many reviews I settled upon Adept Moving.  They the most reasonably priced and upfront quote. Every point of contact was very professional. Our move day was January 6 and if you look at the weather it was the only day of heavy rain all day long. Alex, Levan and Egor pulled the truck up a few minutes early  (8 a.m. was the appointed time), paperwork was done, and they proceeded to load up the truck. Alex's crew did not stop, until we hit the road to Rialto.  They assisted in last minute packing, made a pick up of a bed in storage (not scheduled), drove 60 miles one way in hard rain, and moved us into our three bedroom house in good time. They left around 7 p.m. that night and had 60 miles to go back home. They were efficient, cheerful, polite...really nice guys. They took a 30 -minute break before leaving Los Angeles for food.  It was well deserved. They called to let me know and then called again when it was over.  That is professionalism. They were professional, efficient, had a great attitude!  I would recommend them to anyone who needs to hire a moving company.  Should it ever happen again, I would call Adept Moving and look for Alex's crew.  if I was to move once again! I was very pleased with their performance.
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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