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Tanya M.
Anatoly, Dima, and Vadik were fantastic! It was a big move and these things always take longer than you think, but they were at the first apt right at 8am and finished moving us in by 4pm. They had to move 2 apts from West Hollywood into 1 apartment in Santa Monica. This included stairs and long walks! They were very friendly and nothing was damaged. They wrap the screws and plugs up with the item they belong to when moving. They do use a lot of plastic wrap- but it does protect your furniture. They will take apart and help put together your furniture. I had the backing of one of my dressers fallen off and he without even asking nailed it back on. I am so happy we selected them, best quote out there and best move I have every had. I really recommend them. Thanks guys!
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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