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Most moving jobs require packing at the pick-up followed by unpacking at the drop-off. Our professional movers possess skills and techniques required to ensure that your belongings and furniture are transported to your new location in a safe and economically efficient way (properly packed furniture and boxes make loading faster and decrease the possibility of damage).

Of course, we offer unpacking at your new home, too. Our hard-working movers can unpack everything and put your furniture and other belongings wherever you want it to be placed, or, if you want, we can just unload your belongings as instructed by you without unpacking them. We only use high grade, industrial strength packing materials that are not available to public. If you are going to purchase your own packing materials, we recommend you confirm with the quality of such, and we can provide you with our honest opinion on the product.

Small Box – $3/ea

1.5 cu. ft (16.5″x12.5″x12.5″) small used for heavy item, such as books, CD’s, tools etc.

Large Box – $5/ea

4.5 cu. ft (18.5”x18.5”x22.5”) large used for toys, lamps, lamp shades, pillows, etc.

Unprinted Newsprint – $10/bundle

Unprinted newsprint (24”x36”) 10 lbs per bundle; an ideal economical method of packing any personal belongings.

Plastic Bags – $0.60/ea

Plastic bag (33 gal) – an ideal, economical method to pack small and light items.

Medium Box – $4/ea

3.0 cu. ft (18”x18”x16”) medium use for kitchenware (pots, pans), shoes, bathroom items etc.

Dishpack Box – $7/ea

5.1 cu. ft (18”x18”x27”) – with sturdy walls ae used for breakable items such as china, vases, crystal, glass items, etc.

Felt Guard – $5/ea

Felt guard (1 sheet by 4.5”x6”) glues to furniture legs to protect wooden floors from scratching.

Masking Tape – $8/ea

Masking tape (1.89” x 60 yards) – an ideal method for packing glass and mirrors. It doesn’t leave any marks.


Don’t worry we are not going to hammer away on your furniture, but there are assembly and/or reassembly that requires it.

Adjustable Wrench

We have the bigger and smaller adjustable wrenches to screw/unscrew any bolts your furniture has.

Knife & Scissors

Comes in really handy to remove the packing materials off the furniture or to open any boxes.

Screwdrivers & Hex

We have all types of screwdrivers and hex keys to handle any kind of furniture or office equipment.

2 & 4 Wheel Dolly

We only use top of the line, industrial grade equipment, which means that all your furniture will be moved stress free.

Piano Boards

Moving a piano can be stressful, luckily we carry a universal piano board that can help with moving an upright or baby grand piano (sorry, we don’t move grand pianos).