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Annie P.
If you're on a tight schedule and need an exact appointment time, register for the earliest morning slot instead of after because that can mean 3 or 6pm. I was upset about this and communicated this to Alex, the manager, and he was very pleasant and understanding in finding a solution. Adept does stand behind the quality of their service, and that's an important thing because things will never go exactly as planned. Andrey and Samir had finished a big job before coming to us, they were a bit tired but still nice and courteous. Another piece of advice: if you have stairs/a difficult move with lots of heavy boxes (I have many book boxes), you should spring for 3 movers instead. My place was small, so I didn't think I could fit more than 2 movers inside, but during a move, an extra set of hands could really cut down on the time, and won't break the back of your movers (especially if they had other jobs before). Overall I was happy with how the office handles communication and the quality of the move. Nothing is broken!
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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