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Bethany B.
Moving is not fun. Period. However, a good moving company can make all the difference in turning a move from a nightmare into pleasant dream (wherein you don't throw out your back trying to be a hero lifting that box that "isn't heavy, just awkward.")Adept came highly recommended to me by a co-worker, so I thought it was worth a shot. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Booking was a breeze. The person on the phone asked a few simple questions, was very clear about the various charges I should expect, and gave me a fair quote. In the past, I have paid close to $800 for a move, but this was way more affordable! For a 5-hour move from a one-bedroom in Northridge to a two-bedroom in Burbank, the whole process ran me about $400 (including tip). Considering the fact that we had a fridge, antique furniture, lots of framed artwork, and a bed (which they had to hoist in through a second story window!), I thought they were very efficient.Our movers were DIMITRY and RUSTAM. They kicked some serious butt! They were careful with our belongings, and were also very friendly and funny! My husband and I felt very comfortable with them on the job. They arrived a bit earlier than expected, so we were still manically packing and cleaning when they got to the apartment. Even still, they were able to work around us, and I felt like we all made a pretty good team!All in all, it was a very positive experience, and I would definitely recommend Adept for your next move!
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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