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Brent M.
We found them through a Google search and spoke with Max on the phone on Sunday. He was very polite, and explained that the $59 / hour rate we'd seen was for two movers with a 3 hour minimum and there was a truck charge as well. That gave us pause, but after consulting here and deciding that we could expand the original scope of work to use at least three hours effectively we called back and booked on a Sunday afternoon for the following Monday, Labor Day! Max made note of a Yelp deal that saved us $15. On Labor Day, Andrew and his crew of one arrived promptly, charged their time to the minute, were careful, quick, professional, and effective, and the whole move was done without my breaking my back. The following things are mentioned for completeness: Free insurance pays something like 0.67 per pound :(, there are moderately high charges for materials (masking tape, plastic wrap, etc. This is all necessary stuff.), driving between locations is charged at a 2x rate (that is, 15 minutes of driving is charged at 30 minutes). The company seems to be mostly Slavic. Max and Andrew spoke very good, but accented, English. Andrew's helper didn't speak much English. This wasn't an issue for us.
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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