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Christina Z.
I would hire these guys in a heart beat.Konstantin and Yaroslav were extremely professional and hard working. I had been through a really rough couple of weeks and had never hired movers before. I called and liked the woman who had helped me on the phone and felt this was the company to try. I, in my ignorance, did not realize I had so much stuff to move I should've hired three guys.I even asked if they could find another last minute when Konstantin and Yaroslav showed up.Unfortunately, they were all booked, which had me feeling for these two guys. This day of all days had been pouring down rain on top of it all.I needed things wrapped and did not realize all it took to get everything moved without damaging it or it getting soaked by the rain. These guys were awesome! They kept a smile on their face and asked me in detail their questions. They then had to park their truck in the middle of the street out front of the apartment building because there was no way the truck was fitting down the driveway.Another thing I had not thought of but they both said to not worry and that they would handle it.To put the cherry on top they then had to walk up and down two flights of narrow stairs to get to my apartment. Again I had not thought about all of this.Not only was I surprised at how fast and professional they had moved everything.But they asked me specifically where I wanted things to go and cut the plastic wrapping off each piece that needed it. Again, I felt so bad about all the obstacles these two men had to face and again they made me feel like it was not a problem.It was all handled efficiently, fast considering all the stuff that had to be moved (wrapping it all, then moving in the pouring rain, then up and down two flights of stairs, while having to take each piece out and be careful of their safety with cars driving since they had no other choice but to park it in the middle of the street) and being so nice.I felt that I was being looked out for because my stuff they were moving was in great hands, literally.They were a godsend and I literally teared up thanking them because if they only knew the weeks I had leading up to this move.These men brought back hope for humanity. And at the end when all was said and done and it came to signing the paperwork and paying for it.I had thought I would be paying more than I actually did. In the past with things like carpet cleaning the price would be raised astronomically due to 'bs' reasons knowing there would be nothing I could say about it after the fact. This company has integrity and I felt what I paid was well worth it.Especially in a job like this where it's kindv'e tough to gage just how much the bill might be.I hope these men are compensated well because they damn well deserve it.I can't say enough and leaving a yelp review doesn't feel like it's enough to let them and the company know how truly grateful I am.They went above and beyond.Here are some photos I took of their hard work and their smiles in the pouring down rain no lessGod Bless them and their families.
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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