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Heather M.
Moved yesterday using Adept Moving Company from Los Angeles to Long Beach. They were great. Competitive pricing (although overall a bit more than I wanted to spend to move), easy booking, friendly and professional staff. Up front about all costs (including the RIDICULOUS 'double time' drive time rates (a California state law apparently) and costs for supplies such as shrink wrap to wrap the furniture and mattress in) and made my move a lot easier than expected. Good moving company, costs just add up very quickly. I purchased the yelp deal (to save a whopping $15) and booked right away for my move (happening less than a week away). They texted me the day before to confirm my move, and I was all set. I had two men (Dmitriy and Sergey) help me move and they were great. They arrived on time, worked quickly and efficiently and took great care of my belongings. Very friendly and hard working. Good attention to detail and very accurate about timing (they literally charge by the exact time, not rounding up) and additional fees. They even went the extra mile and switched the way my fridge door opened for me once I got to the new place. Great guys! Overall, Adept was well worth the money. The guys did all the heavy lifting, made me feel comfortable and cared for, and took it a step further to ensure I was happy. Great job boys! Only down side is the costs add up quickly and they will badger you to write a positive yelp review (don't get me wrong, ask once in person and its all good, even twice and its fine, but text me the next day too, like geez, I got it, I just moved, give me a second to breathe and I'll write you one). Besides that, still 5 star service and great team of guys. I would recommend them to anyone in LA not moving too far.
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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