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Janet C.
I had such a great impression of this company when I moved 3 years ago that I made it a point to use the same company again. And they did not disappoint ONE BIT! Even though they were a different group of guys this time, they conducted themselves on the same professional and friendly manner. Up front with all charges: they laid out their rates per hour, cash vs credit use, gas, packing materials included or not included, anticipated charges (like double mileage for Miles travels when outside of a certain distance from one building to the next or something, etc. Efficient: they moved relentlessly. I almost felt bad for having so much crap. Even my neighbor was impressed and asked for their name! Professional and friendly: as a woman who has to fight fo all the details sometimes, I feel as if it was a straight shot with moving... so smooth. And the staff were always friendly, polite, and considerate.I'm big on personal service. I believe in companies that truly want to provide the best service for their customers. And I feel that this company is one that embodies that value.
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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