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Jason K.
I would like to firstly say that the two people that came to my apartment to pack everything and load it onto the truck are amazing. Their names are Max and Sergey.That being said, I called them on Monday for a scheduled move for the following Sunday and then my plans were pushed on Tuesday late afternoon and I called them to move in Wednesday at 8AM. I was a little worried that they did not have workers on standby, but they came to the rescue and carefully and neatly packed everything in 1.5 hours. Now, I am a data driven kind of guy where I predict a lot of where things will be and how long it will take. I estimated about 3 hours of packing to be done, but they were so efficient with everything, every time I looked away, it was gone and already lounging in the truck waiting to be delivered.Regardless to say, I was highly impressed and my budget left me with $200 for me to spend as I tend to estimate things down to the dot, but shaving off another 1.5 hours gave me room in my budget.
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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