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Jessica M.
I've already recommended Adept Moving Company to friends. Vitalik and Alex were exceptional. They arrived right on time, but I was running late so they didn't start the clock until I arrived. I simply gave them the keys to my storage unit and went to run some errands and met them at my place. They even took pictures of my storage unit once it was completely empty. At first I was skeptical about the method of using shrink wrap to move everything, but it seemed to make the move much faster, and it protected all of my belongings. I was also uncertain about the three hour minimum required when hiring these guys, but they busted their butts to get everything out of my unit and make the drive a couple miles away to unload everything in my apartment and even build my bed in just under three hours. Did I mention my unit doesn't have an elevator? That didn't slow them down either! I didn't have to lift a finger, even though I offered to help. When I needed help unloading a table from my personal vehicle, they helped unload everything in the car, even the groceries. I will never move my own things again--these guys did it in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to unload my storage unit and move into my new place had I coerced a friend to help!
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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