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Kallie L.
Just moved across town with a ton of stuff. Dimitry & Anatoly worked super fast and were really thorough, loading all our boxes, wrapping our furniture, and moving everything safely onto the truck. They made moving as painless as it could possibly be, and treated all of our stuff as if it was their own! Definitely recommend these two. To assuage any fears of people like me: I was initially worried by some of the one and two star reviews that mentioned the five star reviews being fake or paid for. I was hesitant to trust that the high reviews were real, but I went ahead and booked anyway. When the move was finished, I was asked to leave an honest review. There was zero pressure to make it a good review, and there was no offer of a discount for a review. I now have full faith that the rest of these five star reviews are people who are as happy as I was! In short, the rate is great, the value is awesome for the speed and efficiency these guys provide, and I highly recommend them. In fact, I only moved to a temporary unit and have to move again later this week, and I am definitely going to use Adept for that. Hopefully I get dimitry & Anatoly again as well!
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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