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Melissa S.
Daniel and Dennis helped me move today. I requested that people come earlier because my schedule was more flexible. They came quickly. They set up my bed which was great because last time I moved I set up the frame myself and I messed it up. They did it way better than I ever could. Overall if I move again I would use them.My one concern is that they made me fill out a yelp review and give them 5 stars before they would let me use my yelp certificate that I had already purchased, which is messed up because they should let me use the certificate if I give them one star or 5. The stupidest part is that I would have given them a 4 or a 5 stars anyway.Also I didn't feel like I could write this with them hovering over my shoulder, but one of the guys lost the keys to the apartment I was moving out from and they were electronic keys so to replace them would have been about $150. Luckily the guy found them so it didn't become an issue of whether the company would have to pay or if I would have to.
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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