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Min K.
Best moving experience by far!!!  I was recommended to Adept by a friend who used them.  I was a little hesitant at their low price, but it turned out to be so quick and easy. I literally did not lift a finger in the whole process other than to open the door with my key. Audrey and Vadim came on time, organized quickly, and started hauling my items into the truck right away.  A 2-bedroom home took them only an hour to load.  There was no chit-chatting like I've experienced with other moving companies - it was straight work for an hour. They also made it our new place in time, and unloaded in about an hour as well - even though there were issues with the elevator (they had to walk a ton and use a 2nd elevator at the other end of the building). All my things were neatly placed in my apartment just as I asked and all done in under 4 hours!!! Even though it was done quickly, there were no scratches or broken items. The pricing was fair ($59/hour in cash), and Audrey was a total professional.  He quoted fairly and I knew what to expect.  Communication was on par - he asked me exactly what I wanted moved.   Great customer service.  I would definitely use and recommend again!
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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