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Pete K.
I have used this company twice in a ten-year time span and was a bit nervous this second time around after seeing reviews.. But they were GREAT! arrived on time, took care of all my boxes in my 1/br apartment, wrapped up the bed, couch, and dressers with blankets and cling wrap, and had to maneuver lots of stairs. They filled the truck in just about 2 hours. Arrived quickly at the new place, asked where things should go, unwrapped those aforementioned items and even tried to get the couch into an impossible area. Best surprise was that they organized the boxes according to the rooms so unpacking will be easier! Nothing broken. Friendly movers (I had 2)And not one mention or pressure to write a review. All in all it was 4 hours, and with extra fees total was $590. Is that a good price? I have no idea but without the stress of trying to do it myself, I'd highly suggest these guys!
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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