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Renee S.
Update to my original review:I was contacted by Adept after posting my prior review and they very generously offered to 'make it right' which I greatly appreciate. The Customer Service Manager I feel went above and beyond. I feel he showed genuine concern with what happened, and did everything to rectify the problem. He truly showed outstanding customer service! Thank you!I recommend anyone looking into using a mover ensure you are aware of ALL costs up front. Ask the questions that need to be asked so you are fully aware of every charge and are not caught off guard.The movers did an outstanding job and nothing was damaged or left behind. The only reason I am not removing my original review is only to help others know what questions to ask upfront and what to watch for to avoid any issues. However, should you have 'any' issues, please contact Adept's Customer Service right away as they are extremely helpful and offer outstanding service.Here is my original review:I decided to use these movers as the reviews here on Yelp were decent. When I booked I was told three guys at $89/hr. I thought wow great price! I moved from a two bd apt to a two bd townhouse 'literally' one block away. I'm an older person and don't have family who could have moved me which is why I called Adept. Well the guys showed up on time and started working right away. I was excited as I thought this is GREAT! They were very nice young men and started off working very steadily for the first couple of hours but unfortunately that day was a real scorcher and what should have only taken no more than 5 hours took 8!. Also, when I booked I asked if there were any additional charges and was told no. All boxes, blankets, etc,. was included, however there would be a truck charge. When the guys arrived I was told they would be charging me for blankets and cling wrap. I didn't think that would be a problem as I didn't have too many items I felt would require blankets and cling wrap. Especially since I was only moving a BLOCK AWAY. Well...was I wrong. They literally wrapped EVERYTHING! My move which I estimated would cost about $480 ended up costing me almost $1000! I could have bought all new stuff and spent less than $1000. The charge was ridiculous just to move me one block! Lastly when I was told the final cost I wasn't provided an itemized breakdown of the charges, just told me the cost at the end. I feel like I was taken advantage of as I'm female and older. Shame, shame. The guys didn't break any of my items which I GREATLY appreciate but to take THAT long to move was ridiculous! I understand wrapping everything if I was moving across town or to another city/state, but one block???? When I moved from San Bernardino to Camarillo a year earlier (with the EXACT same items) it only took 6 hours total and only cost me $700 and that included DRIVING almost 100 miles! Ask for details of charges and get it in writing PRIOR to your move. Get an itemized cost breakdown at the end as well. I don't fully blame the movers but either way I really do feel I was taken advantage of.
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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