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Ryan W.
Adept Moving Company was recommended to me by friends that had used their services in the past. I had no prior experience with them so I was pleasantly surprised when my move turned out to be faster and easier than I had originally anticipated. A four man team (Ilia, Sergey, Rustam and Berik) arrived exactly on time at 8am and they were all very professional and polite. After a short introduction and walk-through they immediately got to work. The team worked with purpose and I was surprised by how quickly they were able to package my furniture and electronics and move them into the truck. They listened to my instructions and asked my wife and I for clarification before just grabbing things and packing them. They treated all of my belongings with care and ensured that everything was properly protected for transport. They easily disassembled our large bed with a massive headboard and carried it out. We own several large, heavy, irregularly shaped mirrors as well as large flat-screen television sets and when I saw them carefully packing them, my mind was set at ease. They had plenty of wardrobe boxes to easily move our closets. The team was also very helpful with our outdoor plants and furniture. They moved several large potted plants and even carried the heavy clay replacement pots we had stored in garage to where the plants had been. From the time they arrived until we left to drive to the new residence around 11:45am, these guys had not taken a single break. By the time they arrived at our new residence I was already feeling sluggish and I hadn't performed a fraction of the work they had! But these guys did not slow the pace of their work at all. They immediately got to work unloading and unwrapping our belongings. They showed the same level of care and professionalism unloading as they did when they began. They consulted us where each item should be placed and made sure we were happy with the arrangements before moving on to the next task. They carefully unwrapped everything and reassembled all of the furniture that had been taken apart. I inspected everything as it was being unwrapped and I couldn't find a single mark on anything. It is also worth mentioning that they didn't scratch a single wall in either the old or new house throughout the entire process! Halfway through the unloading process, we ordered sandwiches for the team because not only were we impressed by the job they were doing but it was also clear they were not going to take a break of their own accord. This was the only break they took the entire time. At the end Ilia sat down with us and filled out the paperwork while explaining the charges and even contacting the management to ensure he had calculated everything correctly. The charges for the service were more than reasonable in my opinion. I have moved several times over the last few years and I have paid much more for much less competent and efficient movers. There wasn't a single moment where I regretted using Adept Moving Company. I highly recommend this company to those that want a quick and painless moving experience. Especially with regards to the team of Ilia, Sergey, Rustam and Berik. Thanks guys!
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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