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Tamara K.
Called for movers in the morning and got a team the same day! As we all know, moving is a pain. All the time and packing. Yuck! Especially when you have a TON of stuff. After doing my research and calculating all the numbers of getting a uhaul truck and doing a self move, it was a no brainier that Adept Moving Company was the best way for me to go. I also compared rates with other companies, and this was still the best bet. On a Monday late morning, I called last minute and asked if anyone was available to help me move to a different city 2+ hours away. They promptly got together my moving team, Max and Sasha, and sent them over in just a few hours and a even few minutes earlier than promised! I was NOT disappointed. Max and Sasha were amazing. They worked swiftly and handled my items with care. They took zero breaks, even after I offered them water. They even helped me pack up some last minute stuff! The gentlemen were very professional and there was only minimal chatter about the work that needed to be done. After a long 5 hour day of loading and last minute packing, they drove over 3 hours with traffic and in rain to move me. Upon arrival, they promptly unloaded all my items very quickly and kept things neatly organized. No breaks. No food. I asked and insisted, but they insisted on working. All just to turn right back around and go another 2+ hours back to LA at MIDNIGHT! 3pm-12am from one city to another city in the cold, late at night, and in the rain!!! Max and Sasha, you guys are AMAZING!!! I can't say enough great things about you. Thank you for saving the day! I appreciate you sooooo much. I highly recommend this company, and if you are lucky enough to get Max and Sasha, you won't be disappointed either! Please be kind to my new heros.
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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