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Thays G.
First of all, I hate writing reviews,but in this case I have to because if there's something I hate more than what I am doing right now that thing is moving. That being said I have to thank Andrey and Levan for making the process painless for me. I looked around a lot for moving companies and decided to go with Adept because they were very solicit from the begining while talking to me over the phone. The guys not just got there at my old place on time, but 30 min earlier which was a bless. Andrey was very careful while handling my stuff. He wrapped every single piece of furniture with care, and since I've already finished unpacking everything I can say that absolutely nothing was damaged or broken,so 10 stars for that. Even those little pins for the furniture shelves he took off and place them in plastic bags so we didn't lose them. Also, they were very fast - not like in most reviews where I read that lots of movers take their " sweet time" to get things done while the clock is ticking for our pockets. They finished the work in 3hs and 15 min - I had a loooooooot lot of stuff - and these last 15min were attributed to their GPS malfunction which he ended up deducting from the final price. So, to tell the tale short you can trust ADEPT with your moving. I wouldn't recommend anybody else. And if you can ask for those two guys I mentioned,they're both great and you couldn't be in better hands.
Jan 1, 1970 o-clock min read
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